Check out the new HH catalogue featuring 5 new product ranges in the TESSEN family of portable loudspeaker systems.

HH Product Portfolio 2017

The TNS-1800 active subwoofer houses a 2000W output Class D amplifier with over spec’d switching power supply.

2 or more TESSEN-SUBs can be combined in cardioid array to optimise the direction of bass output and minimise backwash onto the stage area.

The TNS-1800 sub features a high sensitivity, long throw CELESTION 18” woofer which gives deep musical bass with fast dynamic response.

The TESSEN-SUB’s custom-engineered DSP provides seamless integration with hi/mid cabs and tailoring of response to the venue and application.

The TNS-1800 features 5 x M10 inserts for installations and as secure tie down points for floor stacked applications.

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