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  1. Would you please introduce yourself (please explain the job and background including your work) and explain the purpose of your visit to Korea.

My name is Duncan Boniface, and I am Director of Production for Headstock group, but also closely involved with design and development of our products. I have over 25 years professional experience in Pro Audio, with more than 17 years working closely with companies in Asia.

My name is Ian Wright, and I am the Director of International Sales for the Headstock Group, whose brands include HH and Laney Amplification. I am responsible for the overall performance and growth of the brands globally. I have over 30 years of experience in the Music / Audio Industry, in which time I’ve been fortunate to work in Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing, so I can relate to the people at each of these levels and understand their processes and needs.


Our visit to Korea is to support our HH Distributor, SOVICO SYSTEMS with product training and market research to better understand the local product and marketing requirements and support needed.


  1. HH electronics is a HEADSTOCK GROUP also has LANEY which is famous for guitar amp. It seems to generate various synergies through technical exchange. In Korea, it seems to be enough to give people an expectation. How do you think?

We have a highly skilled team in product development for Pro Audio as well as Musical Instrument amplification. Some of us in Headstock are from MI backgrounds, others from Pro Audio and many of us have experience of both areas. Certainly, Laney has an excellent reputation worldwide, and although HH is a different brand it is important to us that we maintain and enhance the reputation of our brands with every new project. The same standards are applied to both brands thus ensuring HH customers that they will get value, quality and reliability.


  1. I want to know what sound that HH electronics wants to offer to the user. I would also like to hear about HH Electronics philosophy and belief in product development.

Our philosophy is ‘Head & Heart’; ‘Head’ refers to the technical knowledge that goes into our products, but also that buying HH is a sensible choice. ‘Heart’ refers to our passion for our industry, and developing great products. Our aim is always to create products that offer the user the best performance available for their budget. Well engineered, high performance but nevertheless great value products.


  1. Please introduce the new lines of product of HH Electronics which are newly released, and the main features of each product.

The Tessen range has been our flagship product for some time now, and this has been well received in many markets. We have recently revised and expanded this range with all new, higher specification and performance products with TNE and TNX full range active cabinets, improved TSM Active stage monitors and TNP passive full range cabs, complimented by the new TNS-1800 active subwoofer.

All the new Tessen models feature sophisticated DSP providing performance presets, variable EQ and class leading feedback suppression. All new products also feature high quality, proven amp modules, drivers and components, all designed to complement the finished product.


In addition to this we have released a new range of injected molded Vector cabs to support the entry level of the market and cater for cost sensitive applications. These products feature multiple inputs and on-board media players. 


  1. Please explain in detail by products what applications or environments can be applied depending on the purpose of use?

We have a wide range of products. The Vector series are very affordable, so great for schools, rehearsal rooms, mobile entertainers, fitness studios and many portable applications. TMP series are ideal for installations in a wide range of venues, whereas the new TNE and TNX series work very well for portable or fixed applications in all kinds of venues and program material due to the extremely flexible DSP.

  1. I would like to hear your assessment of HH Electronics products. I also wonder about the evaluation of the users of the world.

We honestly believe the current range is the best it has ever been. The reaction to our new models, performance, features, price and appearance has been universally positive and we are very much looking forward to 2018. We are lucky to work with high caliber companies such as Sovico Systems here in Korea and I believe we will achieve a lot together in future.

  1. If I look at the TNX series, I will notice the Room EQ presets, which is similar to the Studio Monitor speaker. Please explain about those presets including its benefits.

The TNX series (also the TNE and TNS models) each offer 4 performance presets. In addition they have HF and LF trim controls. These enable you to optimize the performance of the system to the source material (live or recorded music, acoustic or electronic etc), the application (with or without subs, or used as a stage monitor) and also to adjust to the venue and audience size, as well as the position of the system. All functions are immediately accessible and simple to use (no need for selecting multiple options from hidden menus and sub menus!) ensuring you to get a great sound quickly and easily.

  1. These new products, S2-210 and VRE series, have a Bluetooth function. Please let us know what kind of convenience we can get through the Bluetooth function.

The Bluetooth audio link is very popular as it is a very simple way to connect an audio source to the speaker without needing cables that can get damaged or lost, or worse still tripped over! It’s so easy to access a vast range of music through phones and tablets, and then stream it directly to the speaker.

  1. Finally, I would like to have your words for the monthly PA readers.

Having both been involved with Pro Audio for more than a quarter of a century (more than half our lives) we both still find it a fascinating and exciting area to work in. The challenge of designing and building competitive products, and understanding the unique requirements of each market in an ever-changing landscape, never gets boring. We still love to listen to loud music in a venue, and it’s incredibly rewarding knowing the system we designed and supplied is delivering everything expected and more. As a company, we strive to make people happy, and ultimately give them the very best value for their hard-earned cash. HH Electronics will continue to develop new and exciting products, so watch this space. For now however we  encourage you to take a look and listen to what we have to offer.




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