HH Electronics sets up new dealer network in Australia.


HH Sets up Exclusive Dealer Network in Australia  


The Resource Corporation are proud to announce that they have been appointed agents for HH Electronics for Australia.

The heritage brand from Britain has launched a new range of speakers and amplifiers based on an already successful line up but benefitting  from significant investment in R&D.

February 2018 will see the first direct drop shipment of HH for exclusive dealers GH Music in Melbourne, Better Music in Canberra and Sound Centre in Perth.

Les Brazil of GH Music has a long history in the music industry in both the UK and Australia and is looking forward to reintroducing this classic name to his store:

“ We can’t wait for the New series of HH to get into our store! This brand name has been around for decades and was especially big in the sixties and seventies, to see it back in all its glory will soon put this name back on the world music scene map as a PA market leader!”

Already the news is spreading and more dealers are expected to announced in the coming months.

For more information contact:

Tony Burn

The Resource Corporation

03 98745988


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