HH Electronics advert and review in Korean magazine


The new TESSEN-X has a custom designed DSP engine which gives you great tonal flexibility and helps maintain a smooth dynamic sound even at extreme levels. The 35mm pole mount and 7 x Penn M10 fly points make it easier for both stacking and for permanent installation. Through its Anti-feedback function, you can identify and remove up to 12 different feedback frequencies simultaneously.

The HH TESSEN series includes the top of the line TNX series featuring a full range active 12” speaker TNX-1201, a full range active 15” TNX-1501 and 3 way active TNE-1581. The TNE series that sits below this include a 12” TNE-1201, 15” TNE-1501, 2 x 15” TNE-2151 full range active speakers. The 18” active subwoofer TNS-1800 works beautifully with both TNX and TNE models.

A Passive range of speakers is also available as part of the Tessen range, and includes a 12” TNP-1201, 15” TNP-1501 and 2×15” TNP-2151.

HH also supply the TSM, Tessen Stage Monitors series, that can also be used as full range speakers on stands. TSM comprises of the 10” TSM-10A, 12” TSM-12A and 15” TSM-15A.

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