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Live Performance

When it comes to live performance, HH Electronics has the perfect audio arsenal to elevate your stage presence and captivate your audience.

Our Tessen Line Array delivers exceptional sound projection, making it ideal for concerts, festivals, and live events. With its precise and powerful audio delivery, the Tessen Line Array ensures that your music reaches every corner of the venue, enveloping the audience in an immersive sonic experience.

Ensure crystal-clear monitoring on stage with our Tensor Stage Monitors. Designed to provide accurate sound reproduction, Tensor Stage Monitors empower performers to deliver their best performances while staying connected to the music and the crowd. 

To add depth and impact to your live sound, our Tensor Subwoofers are the perfect choice. Designed to complement the Tensor series, these subwoofers deliver powerful and punchy bass, giving your performance a solid foundation that shakes the stage.

Our Tensor Active Speakers offer versatility and ease of use, making them perfect for a variety of live sound applications. From front-of-house sound reinforcement to stage monitoring, Tensor Active Speakers ensure exceptional audio quality and seamless performance.

For more affordable and easily portable options, our Vector Series speakers deliver reliable performance in a compact form factor. These speakers are perfect for smaller gigs, intimate venues, and mobile setups, ensuring you can take your music wherever you go.

Fine-tune your sound with our signal processors and power amplifiers, providing precise control over your audio settings. These essential tools help optimise your sound, ensuring every instrument and voice shines through with clarity and balance.

Case Studies

Liquid Sound - New Zealand

For Those About to Rock - HH TNA Line Array

Hamilton Workingmen’s Club in Hamilton, New Zealand, boasts a membership over 7000 and has an enviable range of facilities. As a community hub offering a wide range of activities, the Club is renowned for presenting high quality live entertainment at weekends, attracting a variety of original artists and top tribute bands. The Club’s substantial main room, which can accommodate around 250 guests, recently hosted New Zealand’s number one AC/DC tribute band, NZ/DC, for a gig that saw local audio rental specialists Liquid Sound supply an HH TNA line array sound system to ‘let there be rock’…

Launched earlier this year, the TNA line array was designed for a wide range of small to medium sized applications and is based around the TNA-2120SA, a multi-channel active subwoofer with integrated Class D amplifier which features two high power 12” low frequency woofers with exceptionally high output, and the TNA1800SA a powerful single 18” active low frequency subwoofer. With three channels of high performance amplification, the TNA-2120SA houses six cutting edge built-in DSP presets and as part of a modular system can power up to six satellite TNA-2051 passive, two-way compact line array loudspeakers, offering an ideal solution that does away with the extra expense of rack amplifiers and processors.

For the NZ/DC gig, Liquid Sound used a full ground-stacked system of 1 x TNA-2120SA, 1 x TNA-1800SA and 6 x TNA-2051 units per side. For a busy hire company like Liquid Sound, the TNA line array provides a high-powered, extremely robust solution that is quick to set up and take down according to technician Brent Pinfold:

“The HH TNA line-array system won’t let you down. It’s easy to setup and provides premium audio with plenty of headroom. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to do small to medium sized gigs - it certainly packs a powerful punch.”

NZ/DC’s rise to prominence as one of New Zealand’s leading tribute bands is evidenced by their packed diary and growing fan base. The band’s visit to Hamilton saw its social media feeds buzzing with compliments and demands for a swift return to the venue. The quality of the sound did not go unnoticed either, with the band’s Dan Cosgrove declaring that the system sounded “huge!” 

School of Rock - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil

School of Rock - Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil

TNA Line Array Installation

HH at the premises studios london

Premises Studios are a premium grade rehearsal and recording studio based in central London. A series of high profile bands and artists have rehearsed there including: Nina Simone, Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Al Green and Many more.

Peter at Premises Studios initially decided to kit out the newly developed rehearsal room but after an in house demo, Peter was so impressed he decided to install HH within multiple other rooms using HH active full range cabs and TSM monitors...